Jayson Wells, Head of Development

Jayson has a deep passion for developing people through basketball and is a role model that demonstrates proper work ethic, attitude, and discipline in his personal mission to develop extraordinary winners. Jayson played his college basketball at Indiana State University, and followed that with a 13 year international playing career. Upon retiring, Jayson came back to the United States and put his focus on the fundamental skill development of our next generation. Jayson has developed and worked with players at the highest level. He is a Director at Point Guard College and Director of Nike Elite 100, which consists of the top 100 High School Sophomores in the country, which is held here in St Louis. He has also worked with LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving as a lead coach at their elite basketball camps. Jayson is featured in a weekly video series of shorts that explains WHY of the Larry Hughes Basketball Academy.

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