Basketball Makes Better Football Players

Via: American Football International

When I think about an athlete, my mind conjures up images of football, basketball, baseball, track, hockey, skiing, soccer, and anything that requires skilled physical activity. In today’s sport culture, we are developing less athletes and more sport participants. Depending on age, location, and sex, kids are being required to participate in only one sport year-round at an alarmingly early age. This specialization of sports is leading to overworked kids and lack of youth involvement in sports around the globe. To combat this, I suggest that athletes everywhere try the old-fashioned way of playing multiple sports to prevent injury and increase overall athleticism. To make it easier to understand, I’ll explain how playing basketball could benefit present and future American Football players.

Look at some of the best NFL and NBA basketball players’ sports backgrounds, you will find a lot of crossover between basketball and football played as youth and even until college. The reason for this is because of the large amount of similar skills required in both sports to excel. While they do have important differences, the similarities are what set these athletes apart from one sport specialists. Here are a few of those similarities and how they can benefit each other mutually.

The article goes on to talk about all of the different ways in which basketball helps develop football players. in the article there are 5 key ways in which basketball helps with football: Hand-eye coordination, athleticism, explosive leg strength, reaction skills and conditioning. The article also goes in depth about star athletes in each both basketball and football who played both growing up such as: Jimmy Graham, Lebron James, Martellus Bennett, Allen Iverson and Julius Peppers.

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