As a mother raising a young basketball player, I frequently encountered a significant question: should I prioritize my son’s happiness, or winning as many games as possible? When my son was about 13 years old, I received a phone call from one of the youth directors of one of the largest Boys and Girls Clubs in the area asking me if he could join their team. I hesitated because he was already playing for a local team for which he enjoyed playing, and he was doing well. I received some negative feedback from a few of the coaches in the area, who told me that that phone call could have been the start of something great for our family. I brushed it off and we continued to play with his local team for the entire season.

If your sons and daughters are safe and happy where they are, don’t move them from place to place. Their happiness is more important than winning.

Vanessa Hughes is the proud mother of Larry Hughes, 13-year NBA veteran. Vanessa has written a series of blogs about her experiences raising a basketball player.


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