Larry’s four years of high school were pretty rewarding. His grades were great he knew that he had to perform in the classroom before he could walk onto the basketball court.  He was ready for the next level, ready to move away from home, and ready to explore the real world out there. The college recruiters came in like a wind storm. Some days they were nonstop. We received so many scholarship letters, we had to keep them in milk crates.  We received phone calls at all times of the night despite the rules. A few times, I even had to ask a coach or two to please not call me after 9:00pm. It was a whirlwind of an experience.


We had to follow the guidelines of the NCCA. I kept the lines of communications open. I explained the rules and the guidelines every time I had the opportunity to talk with my son. I told him what could happen if we violated any of the rules. We both agreed that we would steer clear of the offers that came in under the radar that were not supposed to even make it in. We survived the whirlwind and made it through the storm without being tagged with scandals and rumors.


Communication is key. Always talk about everything so that nothing gets lost. Education is key. Make sure you read and know the regulations if your son or daughter has a desire to play sports in college. The only rumors we had to listen to were the ones speculating if he would leave college after one year, or if he would jump and play for the NBA.


This assumption didn’t last too long. I am proud to say twenty-one years later, he declared and was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers as the 8thround pick. He spent 13 years in the NBA. It was an amazing run.


Vanessa Hughes is the proud mother of Larry Hughes, 13-year NBA veteran. Vanessa has written a series of blogs about her experiences raising a basketball player.


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