“Good timber doesn’t grow with ease, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.”


“Calm seas make bad sailors.”


“That which does not kill you makes you stronger.”


Chances are you’ve heard one or two of these quotes before.  Perhaps you’ve even used one of them when talking to a friend or colleague who is going through hard times.  As a matter of fact, I find it pretty easy to give advice to people who are struggling.  I may phrase it a little more nicely than this, but what I basically mean to tell them is, “Suck it up. Quit whining. You’ll get through it. And you’ll be better for it.” What I find challenging is applying this concept to my own life. Somehow, it’s different when I’m the one going through the challenge. Thus, the creation of the mastery mindset entitled, “This Challenge Will Make Me Stronger.”


Chances are, when you look at past challenges you have faced, you can see how you benefited from them and also how these challenges helped to shape you into the person you are currently.  As a matter fact, you are probably even thankful for some of your most difficult challenges because of all the blessings they ended up bestowing upon you.  It may not have seemed like the best thing at the time, but in hindsight you’re glad it happened.


“This Challenge Will Make Me Stronger” is an excellent affirmation to use when you have to navigate rough waters. It reminds us of the importance of optimism and resiliency, and it can help you keep your perspective and stay focused on solutions. I challenge you to put this strategy to work in your life.


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