Coach Steve Jarvis


As a ball player, Coach Steve Jarvis still holds the title of the 11th leading scorer at Maryville University Men’s Basketball. As a coach, Steve has racked up 19 years of college coaching experience, spending 6 years coaching the men’s team at his Alma mater; 7 years coaching women’s basketball at St. Louis Community College – Meramec where he lead them to be Region XVI Champions; and 4 years with women’s basketball at Jefferson College, where he lead the team to be the Region XVI Runner Up.

Coach Jarvis believes that skills and fundamentals are the most important part of developing as a player, allowing them to become confident in their abilities and promotes the growth needed to be successful in the game. When asked why he loves the game Coach Jarvis said, “I grew up with the game. My first basketball goal was on the back of my high chair. The game has given me so many great opportunities. I love passing along my passion for the game.

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