Taylor Jarvis ISSA-PT is a Basketball Skills Coach and a Performance Enhancement Specialists. Jarvis uses a scientific, innovative, and progressive approach to his training focusing on improving muscular imbalances and movement dysfunctions to improve performance. Jarvis believes an athlete that moves better will feel better as well as perform better. He also holds himself accountable to be highly skilled to help athletes perform and better understand the drill or skill. Jarvis believes if you want to train at a high level you must be able to demonstrate with high energy, understand the game and the purpose of the action, and be able to turn the raw skill through progressions in to game like actions. Jarvis is a student of the game and studies the players at the highest level. “My goal as a coach is to help you maximize your potential” – Jarvis.

Jarvis got his bachelors in Exercise Science at Lindenwood University and is a certified personal trainer. Attending five colleges in his college, and having an injury ridden basketball career the body became a huge interest for him. “I want to help athletes understand how to properly lift and move to help them understand what I didn’t” – Jarvis. Jarvis Played at the NAIA and Junior College level as well as managed at the D1 Level. With this Jarvis has Learned and had experiences to help and relate to a variety of different athletes. Jarvis was also the player development coach for the Jefferson College Women’s Basketball Team for a single season. He has been developing and enhancing athletes in St. Louis area for 7 years now. Jarvis is currently working on acquiring his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) as well as improving the youth basketball space through BTS (Basketball Training Systems).

Message from Taylor:

– This is my passion and I take pride in helping every athlete I work with. From youth to college, beginner to professional; I want to help you improve every aspect of your game and reach your goals.